SBI Customers Can Now Decide on Their Debit Card Limit, Learn How to


If you are an SBI Debit Card holder you are lucky. State Bank of
India has allowed the debit card holders to decide their debit limits
and usage according to their needs. With this, the bank has
cautioned its customers to use the new service carefully and
advised to be cautious of any kind of fraud. The SBI customers must
first download the official app YONO to change the limit of debit
card or manage them accordingly.

Through this app, it is easy to do lots of work related to the bank.
YONO Ape has also allowed customers to open a savings account
without any documentation and this facility is available till March
Here we are talking about how to change or manage the limit of
debit cards.
1. YONO: YONO The mobile app and website is a digital platform of
SBI, in which the customer can get information on all SBI products
and services such as SBI Bank Account, SBI Card, SBI Mutual Fund,
SBI Life Insurance, SBI General Insurance and SBI Securities.

2. Download YONO: First you have to download YONO app. After
downloading the app, log in and then you will need to select a
service request.

3. Next Step: After selecting the service request, you can tap on the
ATM / Debit Card. After selecting the ATM / Debit Card, select the
management card.

4. Card Limit: Now select your card limit and manage it according to
your need.


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