Debit Card Fraud: – These 5 Effective Tips to Avoid


The number of fraudulent cards (debit and credit) users are

increasing as fast as possible in the country, cases of fraud related

to it are coming up. Many such cases have come into notice, in

which a person becomes a bank executive and makes the card user

victim of fraud. Such people get the details of the card users and

they get the message.

In all such cases, it is worth noting that the person taking the fraud

exploits that the victim is usually unaware or forgets the Modern

Banking rules. Users should know that you should not share your

bank details with anyone including a bank official.
1 Keep Your Pin Safe: Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has advised banks

that they should not seek account related details from their

customers. Card holders usually give information to the card and

their PIN to their families and others and to withdraw money from

them. Sharing your card and PIN information is like giving someone

the key to your account and earning a lot of money. You should

avoid doing so. Also, you should not write a PIN behind your card.

Also, you should keep changing the PIN of your card at regular

intervals and keep it a bit difficult so that it can not be easily

2 Keep Updating Your Mobile Number And Email: According to the

banking regulatory rules, all banks keep sending alerts to their

customers regarding the transaction of debit and credit card

transactions. So make sure that you have registered your latest

mobile number and email ID with the bank. Doing so will keep you

informed about debit and credit card transactions on your mobile

and email.
3 Fraud Calls And Messages Ignore: Avoid answering any such e-

mail / SMS / voice calls coming from A, in which you are being

asked to share the account related details such as PIN number, OTP,

UPC credential validation message and so on. Stay in touch with the

bank in such a situation and call on your bank’s helpline number to

give this information.
4 Keep Checking Bank Statements: Card holders should keep

checking their bank statements so that you can know any

suspicious activity. There have been many such cases in which

fraudsters have taken some money from an account at regular

intervals, such transactions are not generally taken care of.
5 Immediately Complain of any Wrong Activity: Customers should

immediately report any fraudulent activity with the bank. People

should bring it to the bank’s notice, even if it is not the loss of

money because the data stealing is also dangerous. You should be

cautious in such cases.


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