What is 5G Technology? And its Features


Phone and our relationship is quite old and very strong too. Earlier wired phones used to come, then the cordless time came and now the wireless phone is running. With this changing form of the phone, its generation is also attached, which has already decided to travel from 1G to 4G and is now moving towards 5G. In this case, it can be interesting to know what this incoming 5G technology is and how it can hit the mobile industry. So let’s know today about this 5G technology-
The 5th Generation 5G of the mobile network is now launching very soon. It is believed that there will be no limit on speed and connectivity in this future wireless technology and these techniques will also save energy. Looking at the rapid efforts of this, it seems that by 2019, there will be 5G network mobile service in every hand.
In addition to speeding up the speed of internet speed, 5G technology is being proposed to be a revolutionary for remote surgery and self-driving.

American company AT & T is working very fast in this field and according to media reports, by the end of 2018, these companies will also launch 5G mobile networks in major markets of the world.

According to experts, transferring data through 5G networks versus 4G will be done faster by 20x and speed of 5G network will be up to 20 gigabytes in 1 second.

After the arrival of this 5G technology, after touching on mobile, the webpage will open in less than a thousandths of a second i.e. less than a millisecond, or the video will start playing. Not only this, the entire movie will be downloaded in 5-6 seconds on the 5G network.

To date, we are enjoying the speed of 4G and are also happy with the change in Internet Speed, but think about how much speed 5G Generation will bring with you. Even though the 5G will take some time to come, but its speed is enough to make us enthralled.

In this case, till 5G technology, you also enjoy the speed of 4G and wait for the arrival of 5G as the result of this wait is going to be very sweet, which will get us as a fast Internet service.


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