Do You Know The Difference Between RAM and ROM? Let’s know!


There is a big difference between RAM and ROM, which probably some of us may know. Do you know?

ROM is a chip that is not variable, i.e. after its creation the data stored in it can not be changed, it can be read only. That is, store programs can not be changed and destroyed in this memory, they can only be read. In English it is also called non-volatile storage or memory. It does not need any other power to handle any data that is stored inside it. Even when your computer sometimes stops when the power is turned off, its data remains in the store. In addition the case of RAM is exactly the opposite, it is a temporary memory. Which requires power to keep the information in its store. As soon as the lightning goes on, all the information present in it flows automatically.
1. ROM is used in the time of computer creation. Apart from this, RAM is used for normal operations, such as the work related to loading the operating system and the operating system.

2. The process of storing the data in the ROM chip is quite long, whereas in contrast, the same process can be done in a RAM chim very fast.

3. You can store many different Gigabytes (GB) data in a RAM chip, like you can start it from 1GB, today you know that even up to 8GB RAM chips are coming up. Apart from this, ROM chip stores data in MB.

4. ROM computer is a BIOS computer, a PROM chip in it was the programming store in it. As I mentioned above, non-volatile storage is used in the computer’s start up. Apart from this, it is also used in gaming systems.

5. RAM chips are also used in computers, they are also used in other devices, its information is stored, and it is also used for running the program. It is also used as a fast memory used in the computer.


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